Cape Networks Sees Into the WLAN- and Deeper (IT Toolbox Blogs)

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I see you from my spy plane, baby

I see you walking on the ground
I see you through my spy glasses, baby
I can see right through the ground

          –“Spy”- They Might Be Giants

Sometimes you want someone watching things, seeing issues before they become operational trouble. Call it vigilance, call it proactivity, call it network monitoring. Like little spy planes, Cape Networks’ sensors see things that we often miss until that embarrassing phone call comes- “Hey, the wireless network is acting up. DO you know of anything going on?”

WLAN administrators can’t be everywhere at once, yet the expectations are that we’ll answer the tough questions as if we omnipotent. That’s a tough act to pull off sometimes, but Cape Networks provides a lot of help when you need to quickly assess what’s going on across your wireless networks.

I’ve been using and evaluating a handful of Cape sensors for several months now, and have been pleased with the frequency and flavor of new features as the small company continues to evolve their service offerings. Like analysis of EAP timing and DHCP discovery/offer/request/ack. And a dashboard that keeps getting better at giving granularity of control over how we can use the sensors as we need to in diverse wireless environments.

We’re looking at RF and 802.11 goings on, and how the sensor sees important overall WLAN/LAN/ISP functionality through a battery of tests. Put an easy-to-digest UI on the whole framework, and it makes for an effective experience.

But sometimes raw data is just as valuable, to parse as you see fit and present in your own reports. Cape has you covered here as well, and this is a feature that I have been exploring more lately.

Whether you stay graphical or pull out the raw information, Cape’s always-on monitoring and testing is like having a NOC just for your WLAN performance. It’s worth watching as the company continues to take feature requests and turn them into functionality.


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