Canon Subsidiary Obtains DoD Cybersecurity Certification for Mobile Digital X-Ray System

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A portable digital radiography system developed by Canon USA‘s Virtual Imaging subsidiary has obtained cybersecurity certification under the Defense Department‘s Risk Management Framework program.

Canon said Tuesday the certification validates that RadPRO SOLTUS 100M system meets security standards under the RMF program, which seeks to boost information security and promote risk management initiatives across the federal government.

SOLTUS 100M is the first medical device to receive an “authority to operate” under the RMF.

In June, DoD ordered more than 100 units of SOLTUS 100M from Virtual Imaging.

Virtual Imaging President Tsuneo Imai said the company worked with Canon USA, Canon Inc. and DoD for more than a year to achieve RMF certification for SOLTUS 100M.

The team modified SOLTUS 100M’s software components and conducted cybersecurity tests at U.S. Army facilities to confirm whether the digital radiography system meets the U.S. government’s security standards.

Canon USA is a Canon Inc. company that offers digital imaging products to U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean markets.