Business Email Compromise: Attackers Strike Back

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What to Do When Fraudsters Resist Organizations’ Countermeasures
Wes Dobry, principal security analyst, Agari

In the wake of the surge in business email compromise incidents, many organizations have implemented new anti-phishing controls. But the attackers are countering the counter-measures, says Agari’s Wes Dobry. What is the best response?

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In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Washington Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit, Dobry, principal security analyst at Agari, discusses:

  • How attackers are countering current anti-phishing controls;
  • How organizations, in turn, are responding to the resistance;
  • DMARC adoption and how it can help protect organizations from fraud.

With more than 15 years of experience securing networks, infrastructure and services, Dobry continues to assist companies with rebuilding the trust in email and ensuring their name and brands are protected from those with malicious intent. At Agari, he provides technical solutions to solve problems, such as identifying and preventing advanced phishing attacks. Previously, Dobry managed teams implementing technologies designed and focused on securing and maintaining the enterprise computing environments.