Blockchain, Robotics & Machine Learning-Next Big Trends of 2018

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According to IT service provider Dimension Data, the technologies that will reshape digital business next year are blockchain, robotics and machine learning. Owing to security reasons, blockchain is the frontrunner in the technologies list as the applications of the next big trend revolves clearly around cyber security which is an issue that every global organization is looking to overcome. As every organization is looking to develop immensely around cyber security, blockchain will become an integral part of every organization to help business operations become more effective and secure.  

The aftermath of current DDoS attacks and security breaches from IOT end points, have paved way for organizations to believe that blockchain will be a fundamental technology to tackle such security concerns in the future. United States and European based organizations have already incorporated blockchain in financial sectors and it is rapidly catching up on other global markets as well.  

As technologies evolve every passing day, many of them will eventually overlap. The explosion of new technologies in wireless sector has certainly enhanced connectivity in the modern era. This has also enabled the big players in the market to start reclaiming their positions in the digital technology space with their established customer base, longer history and credibility.  

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics and blockchain will play a pivotal role in this ever evolving technological space as more companies are adopting these latest advancements for enhancing their security and business operations.