Beware of “Bank of America Account Suspended” Phishing SMS Text and Emails

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Beware of "Bank of America Account Suspended" Phishing SMS Text and Emails

If you are a Bank of America or BoA customers and you have received SMS text or email messages like the ones below, which claim your account or profile has been temporarily suspended or limited, asking you to call a particular phone number, visit a website, or respond to them, please do not. This is because the messages are phishing scams being sent by scammers or cybercriminals, to trick their potential victims into disclosing their Bank of America’s account credentials, and their personal and financial information.

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Once scammers or cybercrimes have gotten their potential victims’ Bank of America information, they will use it to steal their money and use their accounts to commit fraud. Therefore, if you have received messages appearing as if they came from the Bank of America, asking you to call a number or respond to them with your personal or financial information, please do not follow the instructions in the messages and report them to the Bank of America.

If you were tricked into following instructions in a fake Bank of America or BofA message, please contact the Bank of America for help using the telephone number on the back of your credit or debit card. Let them know that you were ticked by cyber criminals into submitting your account information on a phishing website.

Samples of the “Bank of America Account Suspended” Phishing SMS Text

  • “Your Bank of America account has been temporarily suspended. Login now to reactivate it”
  • “Your Bank of America profile has been temporarily suspended. Click on the link below to reactivate it hxxps://” sent from 525515851319.”
  • “BofA Update ID#417# Your account is currently suspended! Please reconfirm your account: hxxp://”
  • “There was an unauthorized purchase made with your BofA card, thus we suspended your account. Visit the link below to reactivate it hxxps://”
  • “(Message: Account suspended) Re-enable at hxxp:/client.Bank of America-my”
  • “Bank Of America : Your Account has been suspended , Requesting to Reactivate Account , Please Click Here : hxxp://bit. do/ddDpG?Bofa3487”

If you have received fake Bank of America messages, please post them in the comment section below to help inform others.

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Remember to forward malicious or phishing email messages to us at the following email address: [email protected] .

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