BeCyberSure appointment

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BeCyberSure, an information security and compliance consultancy, has appointed Richard Preece as a specialist consultant. The firm says that Preece, pictured, will work at board level to help directors and corporate officers manage cybersecurity risk and compliance.

Richard Preece describes himself as a hybrid consultant who connects leadership and culture; governance; risk management; and capability. His multi-disciplinary approach focuses on making an organisation more agile and resilient. This starts by enabling senior leaders to take ownership of the cyber agenda, aligning strategy to exploit the opportunities of innovation, whilst mitigating dangers of hyper-connection.

CEO of BeCyberSure, Andrew Taylor, says: “I was immediately impressed that Richard shares the same firm belief that cybersecurity, risk and compliance doesn’t sit solely at the door of IT. It is a cultural, procedural and leadership issue and Richard’s expertise working at board-level with such a diverse range of organisations will be invaluable to us and our customers.”

A former director at the cyber resilience, training, exercising and consultancy services company – CybX, Preece served 24 years in the British Army, in a variety of operational, intelligence, training and strategy roles. Since, he’s worked with clients in financial services, energy, oil and gas, sporting events, defence and law enforcement. He holds an MSc, Design of Information Systems from Cranfield University.