Battling the Misconceptions Around Network Security Requirements

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Keeping up with the growing security risks and understanding how to protect networks is an ever-constant challenge. As the threats evolve, businesses are forced to adapt. There are many misconceptions surrounding network security requirements. Identifying myths about IT security can help business leaders and IT teams make important network security decisions.

Many small-scale business leaders don’t believe their organizations are at risk of cyberattacks. The truth is, attacks can occur in organizations of any size. The number of attacks simply scales up as organizations grow. While a global organization with more than 10,000 employees may receive anywhere from 100-500 attacks per month, an organization with only 1-10 employees is still vulnerable and can expect up to 50 attacks per month. And, only 24 percent of businesses are able to mitigate attacks before they occur, so one must keep in mind that proactively protecting against possible attacks isn’t always feasible. Most attacks can be dealt with only after they actually occur. Businesses of all sizes have to speed up the attack discovery process and react accordingly to ensure complete network security.

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