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Safeguarding ATMs has never been more of a challenge for deployers, with the threat of physical attacks and the increasing reality of cyber hacks, report RBR, the organisers of the ATM & Cyber Security 2017 conference. The event runs on October 10 and 11 in London.

For years, banks and independent ATM deployers have been battling against physical ATM attacks. Despite advances in security, criminals remain one step ahead, meaning ATM deployers need to refine their strategies, says RBR (Retail Banking Research). More recently, cyber attacks on ATMs have become a reality across Europe and further afield. RBR’s Managing Director, Dominic Hirsch, says: “With cyber attacks, the threat is not just money that might be stolen or fines that might be imposed but most importantly the consumer trust, which, once lost, is extremely difficult to regain.”

ATM & Cyber Security 2017 covers physical and logical ATM security. It provides a forum for banks and industry to discuss solutions. The event brings together bank executives, independent deployers, payment providers, law enforcement, hardware and software suppliers and service providers. Besides an exhibition, the two-day conference’s speakers are covering anti-cyber crime strategies, protecting against explosive attacks and ram raids, how to use biometrics, optimising CIT (cash in transit) and protecting client data. The agenda includes presentations from the Home Office (UK), Wells Fargo (USA), Visa (UK), Poste Italiane (Italy), Bradesco (Brazil), Barclays Africa (South Africa).

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