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Airtel announces ‘Project Next’ with Rs 2,000 crore investment for enhancing customer experience

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New stores, new app and new plans.

Airtel Project Next

In a bid to advance its journey of becoming a digital service provider, Airtel announced ‘Project Next’ – a program under which the company plans to invest up to Rs 2,000 crore over the course of next three years to enhance user experience. Project Next will focus on three key elements – Airtel Stores, Digital Assets and Postpaid Plans.

As part of the Project Next, Airtel is redesigning its stores across India. There are currently over 2,500 stores and the first two Next-Gen Airtel stores are live in Gurugram. The stores have been conceptualized by UK-based 8 Inc which is known for designing Apple stores as well. The new stores will be equipped with three zones. The share zone will have a Social Wall where customers will be able to see all stories and experiences of other subscribers from across the country. This will work as a sort of live feed for customers to see user experiences of other customers.

These stores will further have a touchscreen tabletop to allow customers to compare and pick from the available Airtel plans for varied services. In addition to that, there will be self-service zones for customers to experience Airtel services, games, Live TV and apps. ALSO READ: Airtel Internet TV Review: Smart set-top boxes are here

The second element of Project Next is Airtel’s revamped mobile app. The new iteration of the My Airtel App allows for real-time experience, including recharges, change of plans, notifications, etc.

What serves as the highlight of the Project Next is the all-new Postpaid plan. Airtel users will now be able to roll over their unused data at the end of every month. Starting August 1, 2017, Airtel customers will be able to carry forward their unused monthly data quota onto the next billing cycle. This, however, is restricted to same or upgrade plans.

With the postpaid family plan, Airtel is allowing users to create customized plans for each family member who is part of the combined plan. There needs to be one main account to which other accounts can be added. One can choose whether to have a combined bill, similar plans, data cap etc for all the linked accounts. RELATED: Reliance Jio might have led to tariff wars, but it hasn’t “eaten” into anyone’s market share

Lastly, as part of the new postpaid plans, Airtel introduced ‘Airtel Secure’ – protection program for smartphones against accidental or liquid damage. Under the new protection suite, smartphones up to two years old can be eligible for repair. This suite is priced at Rs 49 and up to Rs 99 based on the price of your smartphone. Airtel is also providing anti-malware protection, which promises to safeguard the device against phishing and malicious web-based attacks.