Adobe Flash Player Users in Trouble: The #Software Allows #Hackers Infect #Computers

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Adobe has decided to end Flash Player by the end of 2020 and until then it will only provide a couple of updates. This decision has been made after consulting with titans of the technology industry such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Mozilla and more. Until 2020 when better technological programs such as HTML5 will take Flash Player’s place, Adobe needs to fight criminal intents of hacking users’ computers.

A security issue in Adobe Flash Player puts users at risk

A group operating under the name of BlackOasis uses Microsoft Office documents to attack users all over the world. Adobe has confirmed the security attack and it has already released an update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Macintosh.

The one to discover the attack was Anton Ivanov from Kaspersky Labs and it is one of the many other issues Flash Player has. The killing date of the software cannot come soon enough for most users.

The Kaspersky Lab explained how the malicious hack takes control of users’ PCs. One the false Microsoft Document is downloaded, the malware established a foothold on the PC and connects the device to control servers located in countries such as Bulgaria, Switzerland or the Netherlands.

Adobe releases a statement

The company admitted that the new hack is a critical vulnerability and that cybercriminals can infect victims’ computers without them realizing.

Kaspersky Lab recommends disabling Flash Player so as to protect our computers. Ivanov declared that it is the third attack happening this year using the zero-day exploit, relying on FinSpy software. Experts also believe the number of this kind of attacks will continue to grow gradually and that Flash Player is not strong enough to offer protection to its users.

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Adobe Flash Player Users in Trouble: The #Software Allows #Hackers Infect #Computers